Boost your online sales and grow your business with our end to end e-commerce services


E-commerce Development

Websites and apps are your online storefront and having a great website plays a major role in your business growth. Leverage our expertise in this domain to build a website that tailor to the needs of your customers

E-commerce Design

Positive user experience is crucial to convert your visitors to customers. The design of your website or mobile app has a significant role in the user experience. We design websites and apps that are user friendly and works across devices

E-commerce Consulting

Building a successful e-commerce business is not easy as it sounds. It requires effective strategy, immense planning and market expertise. This is where our consultants can help you build your e-commerce empire 

Customer Support

Provide your customers with top notch support through our state of the art Customer Support services. We provide Chat, Email & Phone support services. Our representatives are skilled in handling all kinds of e-commerce related queries

Platform Support

A fully functioning e-commerce website has so many moving pieces. So it is essential to maintain and keep it updated. Our platform support specialists can help you manage your Product description, Inventory and Images in real-time

E-commerce Marketing

Boost your online sales and drive business growth with our full stack Marketing services. Our team specializes in SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising and Content Marketing

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DigiAcceron offers a top-notch web development services for all kinds of E-commerce businesses. With our proficiency in the latest technologies, we create cutting-edge online storefronts for your business. We build E-commerce websites with clean code, that are highly user friendly and engaging for your target audience. We don’t believe in one size fits all needs strategy, so all our solutions are custom made and cater to your specific requirements


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Mobile friendly

Clean code

SEO optimized

highly secured

multiple payment gateways

analytics & reporting


There are many reasons why you should wotk with us, but these are just few

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Improve your customer engagement and drive more sales with our easy to use, feature rich mobile apps. We are specialized in creating both Android and iOS apps and we have a dedicated team of Android and iOS developers who can convert your idea into reality through highly interactive mobile app. Our developers keep your target audience in mind while developing the app and ensure your customers will have smooth shopping experience

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super easy navigation

push notification

review & rating

multiple payment gateways

analytics & reporting


There are many reasons why you should wotk with us, but these are just few

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E-COMMERCE WEBsite design

We design websites that can convert a casual shopper to revenue generating customer. Nowadays consumers shop through multiple channels (mobile, web, in-store etc.) and irrespective of the devices or places they are in, they always want a smoother shopping experience. Deliver a delightful, omnichannel shopping experience to your target audience with our state of the art website design. The experts at DigiAcceron know how to create a physical store experience through your online storefront


It’s a mobile first world and people shop on the go. A good e-commerce app should be easy to use, navigate and shop. This is the motto of our app designers. We design apps that delivers seamless shopping experience to your customers. Our team specializes in both Android and iOS mobile application development. Our apps boosts your customers interests, engagement and drive better results for your business

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Pay Per Click

Show up in front of your customers and prospects at the moment they need you the most. Businesses make $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads and 70% of millennial like it when they click on a product from ad. With our cutting edge services we will ensure you reach your audience at the right time with the right message


93% of online experiences begins with a Search Engine and 92% of Search Engine Traffic goes to the results on first page. So it’s crucial to take advantage of SEO. Our comprehensive SEO services include On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO. Increase your organic visibility and grow your business with our expertise

Social Media Marketing

87% of e-commerce shoppers believe social media helps them make a shopping decision. And many Social Media platforms are introducing in platform check-out. So having a Social Media presence is more important now than ever. Increase your ROI through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora etc.

Email Marketing

Email remains one of the best performing marketing channels and is here to stay. The DMA says that, for every $1 spent on email, it delivers average ROI of $32 and Experian estimates that each email address worth $106.5. A well maintained email list can do wonders for your business. Leverage our expertise in this domain to skyrocket your sales

Display Advertising

Google Display Network reaches more than 90% of Global Internet Users. Your ads appear across 3+ million websites and 650,000 mobile apps. Follow your audience and connect with them anywhere they are online. Create awareness for your brand, drive engagements and improve your reach and sales with our all inclusive Display Advertising Services

Content Marketing

Content is the king and it builds on image. 4 out of 5 consumers end up with a positive view of a brand after learning about it via helpful content. Content Marketing is the only channel that has no threat from Ad Blockers. If done correctly, Content Marketing will help you improve your ROI by three folds with less investment 


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Whether you want to take your business online? Need help to turn your failing e-commerce business to success? Wanted to convert your business idea to a reality or you need help with some other business problem, no worries. We got you covered. Our expert e-commerce consultants will come up with the customized strategy that will help you achieve your e-commerce goal. Our process to build a strategy includes, understanding your needs and expectations, learning more about your target audience, competitive analysis and SEO keyword research. The output of this process is a strategy that make your business a money spinning machine


The success of your strategy depends on how good your business plan is. This is the phase where your ideas will start to become a reality. Our consultants will understand the nitty-gritties of your business and come up with the effective business plan that you need to build your e-commerce empire. We are skilled in creating business plan for all kinds of e-commerce verticals, B2B and B2C websites


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Chat Support

With our 24/7 chat support services, our highly trained customer service representatives will answer your customer’s query within a blink of an eye. Our team is trained on handling all the issues related to E-commerce and they will be able to better address your customer’s concern in a timely manner

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Email Support

We provide Email support services for variety of issues like order, shipping and refund related issues. Our support team will always strive to respond within the stipulated SLA of 24 hours on week days and 72 hours on weekends

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Phone Support

Our call center provides your customers with top notch service when it comes to addressing their concerns. Our Phone Support services are available 24 hours on week days and 9am-9pm on weekends. Our specialists are trained on handling all kinds of issues and escalations related to E-commerce


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Product Description

Product descriptions can make or break your e-commerce website. Shoppers rely heavily on descriptions to make a purchasing decision. So a good product description should provide all the information the shopper is looking for and convince them to make a purchase. Our experts can write a description that don’t tell about the product, instead it sells the product to them

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Product Imaging

90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. Shoppers always find a shortcut to gather information about product and images play a major role in conveying information to them. So a good product image should entice users to click on it and make a purchase. Our Imaging services include Product Photography, Image Sourcing and Image Retouching. Engage your visitors and increase your conversions with our top quality Imaging services

Inventory Management

Managing Inventory is crucial to build a sustainable, scalable and profitable e-commerce business. You can’t manage your inventory manually at scale. Our automated inventory management solutions can help you avoid costly errors and manage your stock effectively