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Optimize and Obtain better Conversion Rates


Are your business leads not converting? Are you running at a loss on your website? It is time to bring in more traffic and obtain a better conversion rate. But the real question is how? Conversion rate is an integral part of your website, which decides whether your products or services are helpful to the customers and also the profits you earn from there.

CRO tools are responsible for offering an average ROI of 223%.

More than 60% of online marketers around the world opt for customer journey analysis to optimize their conversion rates while 44% of businesses around the world use split testing software.

Your website might have hundreds and thousands of visitors each month, yet the conversion rate might fall. It is a real problem for the website owners as there is no income or incentives to earn without conversion rates.

Many factors might influence the conversion rates of your business. For instance,  even a 1-second delay in page load time might reduce conversions by 7%.

This means you have to use CRO strategies to engage the visitors in buying your products online, adding them to carts, clicking on the links, filling up the forms, etc., to increase your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) on your website.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization is the practice of converting your site visitors to perform a favorable action.

These favorable actions can include purchasing a product, signing up for a service, clicking ‘add to cart, filling out a form, clicking on a link, etc.

Some of the easy hacks that can help you optimize and obtain better conversion rates are-

  • Adding a pop-up to your site
  • A/B testing your headlines
  • Removing distractions
  • Improving your CTA copy
  • Removing unnecessary form fields
  • Add testimonials, reviews, and logos
  • Adding live chat to your site
  • Making the initial step easy
  • Offering a money-back guarantee
  • Adding a third-party signup service
  • Trying another offer
  • Adding a countdown timer
  • Adding a point of purchase upsell, etc

Formula to Calculate the CRO

When you own a website, it is necessary to make sure that you are running it in the best way possible to get the best out of it.

If you want your website to run successfully with the best outcomes, then you must not forget that search engine optimization is not the only thing you should be focused on, the conversion rate optimization is the real game where you would have to roll the dice properly. But how would you know the CRO on your website?

All you have to do is calculate the conversion rate percentage. When you open the spreadsheets, you see the number of visitors and the list of people to have converted to an ultimate clients on your page. You can calculate the CRO percentage by dividing the number of conversions by the total number of visitors and multiplying it by 100.

(No. of conversions/no. of total visitors) * 100= CRO%

Sometimes you might get confused about what conversion rate percentage to reach, which you can call good. If you think practically, there is no specific figure you can target in the first place.

You should calculate the CRO percentage each year and target a more significant percentage next year accordingly. Suppose 50 people converted to your client on your website last month and you had 100 visitors in total, then you can set targets for 100 people next month for increasing the conversion rate optimization on your page.

Where to implement Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies?

You cannot increase the conversion rate anywhere, and you would need to optimize a few places in your website to optimize conversion rate strategies for better engagement. The following points will help you with the process:

  • Homepage:

As you know, the homepage is the first page that the visitors come across on your website. It gives information about your website and offers high expectations to your visitors, making a good impression in their eyes. Apart from providing the first impression of your website, the homepage is the only way to give interest to the traffic and guide the visitors into your website further.

You can easily add links to various products on your website on the homepage, and this will guide most of the visitors to the purchase section for getting goods from your website. You can also put a chatbot where people can solicit their confusion, questions, or quarries regarding anything on your website.

  • Pricing Page:

The essential part of conversion rate optimization is the pricing page on your website. It is the place that decides whether the customer will stay as your client or bid you bye!

You can add product details, features, price tags, and discounted prices to bring in more customers. Sometimes, the customers face inevitable confusion with the product features or price tags.

You can quickly act as a guide to them online by providing a particular contact number under the product description for getting in touch with the seller. You can also add a pop-up form to engage with your customers in a quantified and qualified way.

  • Blog Page:

The blog page on your website is the main page from where you can get most of the clients and leads. The blog page should be interesting and informative at the same time, which can quickly help the visitors gain information regarding your site and the products that you sell in detail.

It can also help them know the journey you want to share with the leads. The blog is where you can add calls to action areas for more engagement. You can easily ask for their email ids, and in return, you can feed their curiosity by providing them with a free e-book anytime.

  • Landing Page:

The last and yet not the minor page in your website for getting conversion leads is none but the landing page. It is the place where you can engage most of the people and attract traffic and leads to your page in the best way possible.

You can always share the pictures and videos of a particular event from the past that would impress the visitors and make them take part in it this year and thus, bring you leads. You can put up registration forms and signup documents on the landing page for proper interaction with the visitors and convert them to authorities for free!

Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimization

Now you know where to imply your website’s conversion rate optimization strategies. But yet, you do not know the exact strategy to implement. You have got nothing to worry about as the following points will help you with the CRO strategies:

  • Text-Based Call-To-Actions:

People of the 21st century are devoted users of the internet. When they browse through the internet, they will come across several websites selling different products with long blog pages full of their history and backstories. Visitors often get bored with such content, and there is no reason they would pay any heed to your blog, of course!

You can put eye-catchy one-liners or text-based call-to-action in your blog and link them directly to the landing page. You will be able to notice the optimization percentage of conversion rate in no time soon!

You will always have to think as a leader and not the website owner while getting more conversion leads in your website to gain lump sum profits.

  • Lead flow:

Adding lead flow is yet another conversion rate optimization strategy that can give you’re a lot of leads in a short period at ease. You have to add lead flows like drop-down banners, quick pop-ups, and even slide in the box to attract more people and convert them to your leads. Several tests and experiments have proved that the lead flow strategy can bring in a rise of leads up to 192% more than the previous conversion rates.

  • Run tests:

Your website might have several visitors of different types. Some might like your web designs, while others might think they are nothing special to invest in. You would have to test different ideas web designs on your landing pages. Perhaps you can add signup buttons, free login sessions, etc., to get more engagement. But how would you know which idea works better?

You can try out the A/B testing, which determines from time to time which idea is more popular among the audiences. According to the test results, you can easily choose a sure way to portray things on your landing page for better conversion rate optimization.

  • Build workflows:

Having an efficient team of workers is more important than any other thing in increasing your website’s conversion rate. Trying out new ideas on your website and carrying out experiments makes it difficult for the teams to handle such engagements at once, which someho9w increases the risk factors of sending wrong emails to the leads. Such mistakes can be pretty devastating and raise questions about your professionalism.

You can quickly stop such happenings by putting in efficient work tools for the team to use. There are CRO tools that can send automatic emails to visitors and turn them into leads quickly. You can also use emails as reminders on abandoning carts to the customers.

  • Add messages to high converting web pages:

The last but not minor thing which you can do is to add pop-up messages or set up chatbots on the high converting web pages like the landing page, pricing page, or the blog where people visit the most.

Sometimes you might notice visitors spending more than a minute on your page, indicating that they are confused about certain things. The automatic chatbots or pop-ups come to action where they are always ready to help the leads with the correct information on whatever they want to enquire about.

Statistics about Top-performing CRO Strategies

  • With the help of videos on landing pages, you can increase conversions by 86%.
  • Businesses whose conversion rates improved last year are opting for 50% more tests along with 47% more methods for improving conversions.
  • Businesses having 40+ landing pages generated 12 times more leads in comparison to those with 1-5 landing pages.
  • Businesses enjoy 55% more leads when they increase the number of landing pages from 10 to 15
  • More than 90% of visitors who read headlines also read CTA copy

Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Businesses can use a wide variety of CRO tools to optimize and obtain better conversion rates. Let us have a look at some of those here and now-

1. Quantitative tools

You can use these to uncover what is happening by collecting numerical data to track what is happing on your site. Some of such tools are-

  • General analytics tools for tracking site traffic like Google Analytics
  • Website heat map tools to analyze the number of clicks, movements on a page, scrolls, etc
  • Funnel tools that measure when visitors drop off from a sales funnel
  • Form analysis tools for tracking form submissions
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) tools for measuring customer satisfaction
  • Tools with Net Promoter System for measuring the chances of people recommending your website/product to others

2. Qualitative tools

You might use these tools for understanding why things happen through their non-numerical data. Some of such tools are-

  • Website feedback tools
  • Website session recording/replay tools
  • Usability testing tools
  • Online reviews

3. Tools for testing changes and measuring improvements

A/B testing tools to test different variations of a page to find the best one-

  • Website heat map + session recording tools to compare different behavioral variations of a page
  • Conversion-tracking analytics tools for tracking and monitoring conversions
  • Website feedback tools such as visual feedback widgets or NPS dashboards


Besides the above points, there are many more things you can work on to bring optimized conversion rates to your website.

You can retarget the leads after a certain period, loads the teams with more valuable and advanced tools, optimize the high-performing web pages like the pricing page, the home page, or the landing page in the best way possible to bring in more leads.

What keeps you waiting? Go and try out the ideas from the above guide today!

Also in case you want to hire a team of experts to optimize and obtain better conversion rates for your business, feel free to contact the DigiAcceron team to understand how we can personalize our CRO services as per your business needs.

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